Peoplestuff is the website launched for maintaining the schedules of the employees by themselves. If you are an employee at Mcdonald's then you can visit and use your login credentials to login and access your schedules online. The employees can even change their schedules and they are also permitted to access their payslips online through using people stuff website. 

Peoplestuff Login:
To login to the peoplestuff portal just follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.
  • Get to know your peoplestuff username
  • Ask your store manager for your login credentials.
  • Once you get your people stuff login details visit the website and enter them in the required fields provided.
  • And after that press the submit button.
  • Visit the portal here.
Maintaining an employee base of 1,00,000 is a very daunting task for any company. To run the human resource management for such a huge number of employees is challenging. That is why Mcdonalds has come up with the idea of launching the peoplestuff website. The main intent behind the launch of this website to allow the employees to set up their schedules online. They can also set their timings easily. The other major perk offered by people stuff is that it allows the Mcdonalds employees to view and download their payslips. The payslips contain the details of the Mcdonald's employee like the employee id, the payment received, the deductions made and many other intricate details which an employee must be aware of while working at any firm. By using the peoplestuff the employees can maintain their shifts and can get manager approvals. The managers can also allocate extra shifts to their employees through peoplestuff. There are also 100000 modules to make the e-learning program a successful one. 

With the introduction of the peoplestuff the company had many benefits. The engagement of the employees increased. The store managers previously who had to spend to 4 hours a day in managing the schedules of their employees, now are free from it. Therefore, they are now being able to spend a significant amount of time on the floor. If the employees have any doubts regarding the payment received then they can contact the higher officials immediately. 

Get introduced to Peoplestuff and its privacy policy

The privacy policy of the company explains the following:
  • Why we collect the personal data of the user through the application of the company, including the website.
  • How do we use the data?
  • How and with whom we share the data
  • The choice of yours which is concerned with our data.

This privacy policy of the company comes under the terms and condition agreement of Peoplestuff. The terms and condition agreement is available on the site. Click on the link provided on the website to check it out. 

When you provide us with the personal information, we assume that you abide by the rules and regulations of the company and then access the site. Read the terms and conditions before accessing. If you do not agree with the conditions, please do not access the website or use any of our services.

The privacy policy of the company explains why we collect the personal data from the customers and also what are those pieces of information that we collect. You will also be provided with the information on how this information is used by us and shared by us. But the customers can control all the personal data which they have submitted to this service company. We focus on providing services only under the contract of the customers. 

On behalf of our customers, we use service data in the privacy policy of the company. Our contracts govern the use of data services with the customer’s privacy policies and specific customers. We are solely not responsible for the privacy practices or the policies of the customers or any other third party. To get more information, you are requested to see below in the section of service data.

The United States Department of Commerce has set a private shield Framework regarding the process of transferring the personal data of the customers from areas like Switzerland and the EU to the United States. For such purposes, the European economic area countries of Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein is included in the EU. The company has certified official who will adhere to the principal of the privacy policy, which is described below. If any conflict occurs in the privacy policies of the company, then the case is governed by the shield principles of Switzerland or the EU. Visit the given site if you want to learn more about our page and frameworks

The following information is collected as personal information
If you are a customer and you are interested in our website or our application, then we collect different information either individual or in combination with some other information so that you can be easily identified. These pieces of information are termed as the personal information or personal data which are described below.

Users of the application
Get to know about the personal information that you provide: We collect the data that you provide us when you avail our services. It includes your email address, your contact number, your name, and the password. There are many other options which you may choose when you use our services such as your country’s information or maybe your profile picture and biography.

We may also collect data based on your interests, including to use of cookies and some other technologies, including service data and location information. Automatic collection of data: When you download the application of the company and use that for availing the services, some of your information may be collected which comes under the automatically-collected data section.

Service data: The Company can use the information of our customers on behalf of them only when it is approved by them and their privacy policies. 

Location information: When you enable our service, we collect the information about your location, which is provided by you from your device. We may also achieve this information from the protocol address for maybe from your profile that you created. If you allow us, then we may also require some detailed information for some emergency purposes search and GPS for information regarding cell towers located near your device. 

Site users
We collect personal data that is provided by you at the time of your visit to the website. We obtain information such as your email id and password with which you log in to the site.  Automatically collected information: we even automatically collect data that are related to the use of our website.

The automatically collected the data
When the customer utilizes the service of the application or the services of the website, some information is taken. The pieces of information include log data, cookies, device information, and usage information.

The ways by which we used information:
We use the personal data for the purposes given here:

  • To provide services to users
  • To make it easy for any legitimate interest regarding business